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We are really glad that you find our website helpful and we would love to help you as much as possible. But before you use our website any further, we would request you to check the following mentioned privacy policy before moving ahead so we can offer our services to you in the best possible manner.

Data collection: When you or anyone uses our website we collect some data for various reasons. This data include some personal and mostly non personal information from your website. As far as personal data is concerned, we will collect only that data that that you will give to us via forms or other things. So, you will know what personal data we will have from you. About non-personal data it can include various information that are not important for you such as IP address, ISP name, browser type, screen resolution etc.

Data Use: We collect this data mostly for our website enhancement or work purpose and we would prefer to use this data for that purpose only. But we our any of our sister firms can also use this data for promotion or marketing of our services or products. However, we will make sure that you do not get any disturbance because of those activities and none of your data goes to hand of unwanted people.

Data security: AS we just said above, we do have concern of your data security and we always keep that thing in mind. So, we will never sell this data to any company, individual or external people against any kind of financial benefits. Also, we will not trade the data with other organizations to get any kind of monetary or direct benefits by this data sharing.

Data sharing: We do not sell this data for money or for any of our own benefit, but for the sake of law we might need to share the data with law enforcement agencies. Also, if we notice any fraud then we may share this data with investigation agencies also, but we will make sure that none of those agencies use the data for any other purpose other than investigation.

Cookies: A website Cookie is a small data file that contains some information in it and this information can help a website to connect with client computer. This website gets copied on client computer’s temporary internet folder and then it does the work. Please keep this thing in mind that we also use cookies on our website for proper navigation, functioning and connecting purpose

Policy changes: Change is a basic rule that is applicable on everything including our privacy policy. In future we may need to change our privacy policy and when we will need to do that change then we will update our privacy policy without giving any information to you or anyone else. Also, we don’t have to take any approval from anyone for this particular change.

Agreement to policy: We are hopeful that you read our entire privacy policy and you do agree with it. If you do not agree with it, then please do not use our website anymore because continuous use of our website by you will be termed as agreement to this policy and in that case we wouldn’t be able to entertain complaints from you regarding this policy.